Thursday, September 30, 2004

Live Debate Blogging

by Tom Bozzo

Kerry opened stiff. Bush looks to be concentrating to pull out apposite talking points. Mentioned Russian hostage tragedy but not this morning's atrocity in Iraq. Kerry strikes back on OBL.

Will be curling up with my Citadelle martini henceforth.

Update 8:32 PM CDT: Near end of martini. Bush still seems to be struggling with his affect, which probably means that Prof. Althouse will be swooning.

Update 8:44 PM CDT: Did Bush just drop another "love" blooper? Maybe will skip the 2nd martini.

Update 8:52 PM CDT: Neither candidate is consistently looking at the camera, but the location seems friendlier to Bush. Kerry should practice addressing the camera before the next debate.

Update 8:58 PM CDT: Kerry's responses are stronger, though. Bush has been sounding like a badly scratched record.

Update 9:05 PM CDT: Mmmm, marzipan. Bush says "moolah" instead of "mullah;" "nuculer" (twice). Time for fresh drink!

Final Update 9:32 PM CDT: Good finish for Kerry. Plus, what Kos says. Good night.
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