Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Flu Shot Clinic

by Tom Bozzo

Today was flu shot day at our friendly health care provider (first day of the clinic: get there early), and the scene was unlovely if relatively calm. I only saw one mild argument from a non-senior citizen patient who had apparently been turned down for a shot. There were a couple of Kerry buttons in evidence in addition to mine, and plenty of bumper stickers in the jammed parking lot. I had a brief conversation (with a non-button-wearer) to the effect of how the heck anyone could vote to re-elect the President.

Lots of seniors standing in long lines for their shots is probably not what an administration trying to save its sorry backside by running against the socialized medicine boogeyman would want a week before the election. This also probably goes for our feckless Secretary of Health and Human Services, should he eventually seek higher office than Dog Catcher of Elroy. (The Wisconsin Democrats should be filming this stuff for future attack ads.)

See also Max Sawicky for another perspective on the debacle.
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