Friday, October 01, 2004

The Presidential Candidate

by Tom Bozzo

A clear win for Kerry, plus a potentially huge mistake by the president. From the Capital Times editorial:

One of the rare points at which the president actually showed some vigor came after Kerry suggested that tax cuts for the wealthy should be rolled back to pay for homeland security initiatives such as securing bridges and tunnels, checking containers coming through U.S. ports and ensuring that all cargo on airplanes is inspected before it is loaded onto planes. "We didn't need the tax cut," Kerry said. "America needed to be safe." Bush's response was to grumble about how Kerry was going to pay for "all these promises."

It was the most telling moment of the debate. Kerry was promising to keep America safe. Bush was promising to keep cutting taxes for the rich. And, suddenly, Kerry was looking a lot more presidential than the president.

(The Cap Times reversed the order of the quotes, though that doesn't affect the substance of their point.)
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