Sunday, November 28, 2004

My Red Team Vs. Your Red Team

by Tom Bozzo

As a near-west-sider with only indirect connections to the university, major sporting events on the UW campus mainly affect us via Monroe St. traffic. Not this week, as the 13th-with-a-bullet ranked Terps call on the mens' BasketBadgers (#20 for now) at the Kohl Center on Tuesday evening. Thanks to a thoughtful friend, I'll get to be part of the traffic problem.

To maintain blog decorum -- with a substantially Madison-based readership -- I will refrain from trash-talking, though a solid neutral-court win over Memphis (#25 as of this writing) makes me optimistic, as does the Badgers' loss to Pepperdine. (Pepperdine? I don't know that I can comment further without violating the self-imposed trash-talking prohibition.) I'll be wearing a red sweatshirt, but not the majority red.
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