Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Haircut

by Tom Bozzo

...was probably cursed when I told a colleague we saw at the Hilldale indoor market that John had freaked out just about all he could possibly freak out two haircuts ago, and that things had been getting better since.

The decibel level of the screams was in Who concert territory before the first snip.

Mommy and Daddy need some major tranquilization, and possibly PTSD counseling.
You mean we don't get to see a photo?? It would be a therapuetic moment for you to laugh over in the future.
I sometimes try to remind myself to take the camera more places. But among our errors this time was cutting the haircut trip too close to lunch/naptime. So we were a bit preoccupied.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you a sense of what was going on:

1. A picture from the "happy" first haircut of 1 year ago.
2. Our first effort to get all four generations of my family (mother's side) together in one frame.Put John from #2 into #1, add some melted chocolate (we'll tell you later), and there you have it.
I laughed out loud!
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