Thursday, December 09, 2004

Glad to Have a Hot-Running Laptop

by Tom Bozzo

From the BBC, word that men using laptops on their laps typically reduce their fertility by increasing temperatures in the scrotum.

This has not been a problem for me.(*) This blog is written, and other affiliated computing is performed, on an Apple Titanium PowerBook (400 MHz, Rev. A; the last technological device for which I was an early adopter), call it the "Gray Lady" if you will, the lower case of which gets quite hot without air flowing underneath. Thus, when used as a "laptop," it's typically balanced with a knee and/or lower thigh under each side to allow airspace underneath the unit. Which, I suppose, might be a fertility-enhancing posture.

(Via Pandagon.)


(*) Not that I'd care at this point. Two is enough.
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