Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Regular Reading

by Tom Bozzo

Paul Krugman interrupts a book-writing hiatus to set the record straight on the Social Security funding situation. Ahhh, Krugman fix.

Nina has amazingly extensive coverage of her adventures in Poland. Her description of Warsaw reminds me of post-unification Berlin, which I visited for a job talk in '95. Seeing a TGI Friday's on the Alexanderplatz showed that the Cold War had been won, and corporate America was the victor.

Ann Althouse (a liberal reading a conservative? It happens...) asks how Downtown Madison can be built up without, as Rob Zaleski of the Capital Times complains (in a linked column) destroying the postcard views of the state Capitol. My view is that the cat is long out of the bag, as a number of undistinguished-to-godawful tall buildings have long marred if not blocked the skyline views; the new County Courthouse's main offense is its own emergent ugliness. However, the city would be advised to act to preserve the $205 million view of the Capitol dome from the Overture Hall lobby.

Meanwhile, we're still wishing a quick and complete recovery to Jeremy Freese's father.
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