Thursday, December 02, 2004

An Open Letter to Mayor Dave Cieslewicz

by Tom Bozzo

Please, please shave off your beard.

Yours very sincerely, Tom Bozzo and Suzanne Lee

Update: In comments, Nina asks for a picture of the offending facial hair. That turns out to be a tall order, as clean-shaven file photos abound in the press and the mayor's page on the city site is relatively photo-op free. So I'll just say to watch the news -- we saw a piece on the East Washington Ave ribbon cutting on the 6 o'clock news this evening. Mayor Dave also shows up very briefly in this Channel 3 video on the city's purchase of the former Sentry on Verona Road. A better link will be provided when one is located.

Update 2: Try this (11/30). The basic idea may be seen despite the pixelation:
I haven't seen this -- find us a photo!
Looks older for sure. Definitely not kissable, but then, that may be a good thing, no?
Apart from the older-looking thing, Mayor Dave's beard is also sparse and doesn't look like it has good prospects of filling in. Granted, this may be a false induction from the couple of times I've let my facial hair grow for extended periods. So, kissability aside, it just looks like an error in facial hair judgment.
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