Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As If I Needed Another Hobby

by Tom Bozzo

Light blogging today. I will be headed into work early so I can attend this afternoon's meeting of the Joint West Campus Area Committee as part of my neighborhood association's delegation.

This committee, among other functions, is meant to make the surrounding neighborhoods feel better about the forthcoming 2005 UW-Madison Campus Master Plan than they did about the 1996 Master Plan (4.7 MB PDF), which apparently was devised with less neighborhood input than the neighborhoods would have liked. And we all know how Madisonians feel when they can't put in their two cents on something.

An interesting question will be how closely the 2005 plan will be followed. Conspicuously not among the actual West Campus structures incorporated in the 1996 plan is the West Campus Cogeneration Facility*, which the neighbors really didn't like very much.

* At MU, we applaud the facility's efficiency but are curious about the "innovative mitigation methods" for the facility's air pollution and water use.

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