Saturday, January 22, 2005

Is the Pope Too Catholic?

by Tom Bozzo

First, this Mark Dery guy (via Crooked Timber) says that the blogiverse is too intertextual.

Then, Nina faults Jeremy and me for mockery of some dorky stuff intended to boost our respective professions. And I didn't even crack wise about nobody wanting to trade two Simon Kuznets and a Robert Lucas for a Keynes rookie card!

In return, Nina shows off one of the great homemade T-shirts that I've seen, rivaling in spirit a T-shirt that a Delaware friend's (now ex-)wife had made for him — also grad school topical, in this case English Lit. — with a design, as I recall, combining elements from the cover art of the Bantam and Picador editions of Gravity's Rainbow.

I will now stop writing before I get myself into any trouble that might get me un-invited from future blogger dinners!

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