Wednesday, January 26, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

"Oscar" at Columnist Manifesto is trying to get a nickname-the-President movement going. He suggests the title of this post.

I may actually have five or six readers in my base load of visitors who don't also read Columnist Manifesto, which would at first glance make me a prime candidate for very slowly spreading the word.

Still, I felt compelled to test whether the nickname really is appropriate. Sure, the president wore a blue tie the day of his first inauguration and while taking the concession call from John Kerry, and at today's press conference, among many other times.

However, he actually wore a red tie on Air Force One on September 11, 2001. And lest one think that put him off red ties, here's a picture from January 6, 2005 taking delivery of Miss Beazley in, yes, a red tie.

So I can't in good conscience spread the nickname "Blue-Tie."

So what about an alternative, smart guy? I think Oscar's "w." ("little w") was on the right track. My similar though not original suggestion, considering how hard the current administration tries either to forget about — or to do the opposite of — that other President named George Bush: "Junior."
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