Saturday, January 22, 2005

Into Every New Parent's Life...

by Tom Bozzo

You want an uplifting post? Visit the allied baby blogs to the right, or see here, or even Jeremy on American Sociological Association logo infant wear.

This post is about the inevitability of vomiting. Which John did overnight, in copious amounts. Remarkably, it didn't materially interrupt his sleep, so we didn't discover the mishap (which he repeatedly called a "spill") until 7.

Based on stories I've heard, John has managed to maintain, by toddler standards, an almost Seinfeldian streak of not throwing up. Sure, he gagged on acetaminophen suspension once as an infant, and had an airsickness episode in the summer that ensured we had an eye, if not a hand, on the barf bag throughout our Christmas flying.

But he spit up so little in the nursing days that I felt free to wear dry clean only work clothes around him (which habit is negatively reinforced from time to time by Julia), and so I think of the John experience as two years, two months, and 19 days of vomit-free parenting.

As I was commending his bedding to the washing machine, I was marveling at how that could be. Such infection control standards as parents might practically enforce are surely no match for constant touching of unsterile surfaces and sticking unwashed fingers in the mouth, nose, etc.

Meanwhile, my inner Howard Hughes will repeatedly be visiting the hand sanitizer pump today in the hope that this won't affect my blogger dinner plans for later.

My son upon my hand one night did'st pee
"Oh father dearest can'st thou see"
it seemed his gurgling voice for me
was saying, " Tis' only my gift for thee"
Thanks for your comments, LDM.

A useful reminder that my children are worth more than a lifetime supply of the finest glazed, even when they're not so sweet or tender.
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