Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Grandfather, the Podiatrist, Would Be Appalled

by Tom Bozzo

Patrons in high heels are gouging the stone floors at Overture Center.

The problem with the Turkish travertine stone in the lobby floor requires a process of grinding and sanding, then applying a protective coating of epoxy.

But apparently on some of the stones, the cracks that occur naturally from quarrying were deeper than normal and women wearing spike high heels have caused compression fractures and punch gouges. The affected stones are gradually being repaired by the initial installers, Milwaukee Marble, under warranty.

There's a new West Wing in 3 minutes, and there should be plenty of snow to shovel during morning blogging time, so blogging may be slow for the next day. In the meanwhile, allow me to point you to Brayden King's Executive Class, Part 2 post.
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