Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rivals of the Subaru "Tribeca"

by Tom Bozzo

At Columnist Manifesto, "Oscar" reveals that someone actually read a portion of my post deriding the naming of the new Subaru SUV. This ensures a second round of vehicle name critiques from the array of concept cars shown at Detroit.

1. Chrysler Firepower. This BFG is a GT coupe relation of the Dodge Viper that will, if produced under this name, subject its owners to endless erectile dysfunction jokes.

2. Ford SynUS. Huh? Sinus? This Automotive News article offers no explantion of what a SynUS is supposed to be. Ford catches on to the box-on-wheels fad (cf. the extra boxy Scion xB) with this small SUV inspired by the appearance of, no kidding, armored cars.

3. Jaguar Advanced Lightweight Coupe. Ford here goes totally boring for what is actually a very fetching hatchback that strongly telegraphs the look of the forthcoming aluminum-bodied replacement for the aging XK8.

4. Volkswagen Ragster. Going for a bit of "Boxster" magic (and the "Boxster" name is kinda dorky if you think about it), VW says it contracted "ragtop" and "speedster" for this chopped-top New Bug-meets-2CV. Why not just drop the "d" from dragster?

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