Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Leader Speaks

by Tom Bozzo

Woo-hoo! It's Steve Jobs' keynote speech day at Macworld San Francisco, a day when many of us in the Macintosh-using world get to learn how much money we have to convince our spouse the latest round of Apple stuff is worth. Apple's soaring stock price may put some extra pressure on the lavishly compensated Jobs to deliver something, or things, insanely great this time. Speculation has indeed been rampant, even here, with cease-and-desist orders flying to Mac rumor sites as fast as Apple legal can draft them.

I haven't been driven into a frenzy by the Macworld SF keynote since the announcement of the PowerBook G4 in 2001. This year's reaction will depend on the quality of the rumor mill, grist for which includes (in roughly decreasing order of likelihood):
All will be clear by 1 P.M. Central Time.
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