Monday, February 07, 2005

Cosmopolitan For An Evening

by Tom Bozzo

Some of you may have already seen the evidence of the blogger happy hour turned blogger dinner with C and F. No liveblogging this time, sorry, and all of the photographic evidence has been posted.

It's quite difficult to linger excessively in a not-too-busy restaurant without getting totally plastered. Even with a diversion to pick up another restaurant's signature dessert, as a treat for Suzanne, I actually arrived home in time for the end of John's bedtime routine. With John safely tucked in, Julia promptly spit up on me.

My day at the office worked out such that I was much less hungry than my companions by the time we met up. The salad — with chicken, blue cheese and Nueske's bacon, not completely lacking in protein — was actually mine. This led to causation of the bill that was too unequal for C and F to simply split the check equally with me, what a former colleague and I termed the "karma method." Few other economists are willing to accept this method, I've found, though I favor it for the incentive to gather frequently and let karma, or at least a suitable Law of Large Numbers, even things out asymptotically.

C and F instead graciously took my marker for a subsequent evening, which I hope to make good soon. I do need more Citadelle, vermouth, and just about everything else first. (Not that the rate of consumption is anything to write home about.) But one big trip to Steve's, and I should be ready!
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