Friday, February 25, 2005

Miscellaneous Ramblings for Friday Morning

by Tom Bozzo

1. I'd been telling a friend, via e-mail (or, more accurately, was meaning to tell this friend, as I managed to absent-mindedly trash the draft e-mail while trying to save it), how weird it was to go from the fall blogging era, when I could identify most of the visitors here by IP address divination, to the present situation in which most visitors are strangers. Then yesterday's blogger dinner A-bomb hit — sending the Site Meter count soaring to 568 visits for the day, shattering the old record of ca. 230. On a recent normal day, you would put a decimal point between the 6 and 8. I continue to be amazed at the level of interest shown by the blogiverse in our dinner partying habits.

2. My recent post about the questionable direction of Audi styling is really an emergent property of my own car nuttery, but an implication is that other Audi intenders would do well to get an A4, A8, or TT before they take on the marque's new styling direction, nice as the new FSI gas engines are. If you've already done so, good for you! (This was discussed, briefly, at blogger dinner.)

3. One thing you might not know about me is that if I'm forwarded an obvious urban legend via e-mail, I'll often write back. To everyone on the distribution list, in all probability — doing my little bit to try to preserve the information commons. The first time I did this, over this scary crime warning, there was a marked drop in the number of forwarded e-mails of any description that I received.

4. That said, I don't want to discourage the truly funny, shockingly inane, or both. I cracked up just yesterday over a forwarded malapropism, "blog-o-scope" ("blogosphere" was intended).

5. The delightful nerds, geeks, and dorks link forwarded by Ann adds a second observation of a UW-Madison economics PhD alum with a uniquely cool job: "rocket economist." (Other example.) Blogger dinner also featured an extended discussion of the potential merits and demerits of being considered a dork, a nerd, and/or a geek, as well as some self-identifications of the blogger dinner attendees. This sort of thing might get podcasted in the future, don't you know. For the record, I have a Fortran compiler (g77) installed on my PowerBook, and is almost always running on it, whatever that makes me.

6. I like "blogiverse" as a companion to the Technorati concept of the link "cosmos," but directional divisions like "right" and "left" don't apply to a universe as they might a sphere. This leads to unfortunate inconsistencies in the Marginal Utlity style book.

7. While the time stamp on this post reads early Friday morning, it's actually very early Friday morning. Early baby bedtime hubris gave way to crying jag induced insomnia.
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