Saturday, March 12, 2005

Messing With Success

by Tom Bozzo

The previous post should not leave readers assured that all is well in the Madison food scene.

An item in the Cap Times notes that the Memorial Day "World's Largest" Brat Fest is decamping to the south side Alliant Energy Center from its traditional home in the centrally located Hilldale parking lot. Which happens to be right across University Avenue from my office.

It's true that Brat Fest has gotten a little out of hand in its transition from a grocery store's customer appreciation day to a Regional Event attracting economic consultants, pseudo-vegetarian sociology professors, and thousands more for inexpensive bratwursts and bizarre entertainment spectacles such as former Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Klug and local progressive gadfly Stuart Levitan rocking out together as "Johnny and the Nakomans." I'm not kidding, I just wish I were.

The Alliant Energy Center location will have such virtues as space, parking, easy Beltline access, and an only-in-Madison detail from the earlier, not-online, State Journal article — just for you, Bryan Smith — "valet bike service" for brat lovers arriving via the bike path network.

I think we'll just have to have an alternative brat fest out on the screen porch.
Wow! I was hoping to get there by trolley, but the bike path will do. At least there is a way to work off a portion of the brats I'll be eating this year, and a convenient valet service to boot. I'm going to have to fish out that valet key for my bike...

I also wish they would have kept the Brat Fest at Hilldale. I know it's getting too crowded, but Alliant just seems kind of outside the city and too inconvenient for a quick brat run. I don't think they'll do as well this year. They might have been better off just raising the brat price to, dare I say it, $2.00, as a way to cut down on crowd size.

Thanks for the link!
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