Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday Pie Blogging: Woe Is Pie!

by Tom Bozzo

This may look like an apple pie with spice crust whose only flaw is the excessive caramelization on the right point of the top tulip. There is a seemingly ironclad law of blogger dinners that some food shall be burned in the cooking process that I won't escape this time.

Alas, that is not the case. Somehow or other, I managed to breach the bottom crust in testing the pie for doneness, or something like that, and as I had the pie in for a few moments' additional browning, I heard liquid from the filling bubbling over in the oven. So, darnit, the bottom crust is going to be soggy and the dessert presentation will be less than pristine. Apologies in advance to tomorrow's guests. It probably will taste OK anyway.
That pie is not headed for a conservative speaker's face, is it?
Perish the thought. I subscribe to Max's position that (a) the pie in the face thing is assault, and therefore wrong; and (b) it would be a waste of good pie (which this one will be).
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