Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Finally, Something I Can Get More Easily Here In Madison Than In New York City

by Tom Bozzo

In last Sunday's New York Times' "T" magazine supplement comes word that the great city has no frozen custard scene to speak of...
even though [frozen custard] rose to fame on the Coney Island boardwalk in the 1920's. But Wisconsin is called the Dairy State for a reason, and anyone visiting Madison must go to Michael's Frozen Custard...
Ha! We are just five blocks from the nearest Michael's. Since my pedometer read a measly 3,300 steps as of the kids' bedtime last night, I might be better off walking the ten block custard round trip, provided I didn't get too much custard at the turn.

Meanwhile, Washingtonian friend C.B. also sent me a link to this Washington Post travel section article, of the "Madison is so wonderful and quirky (shame about the weather)" variety. The author hung out with Michael Feldman for the story, leading to the following, partially true, statement:
"If you don't factor in the weather, Madison is number one for everything," says Feldman. "If you do consider weather, it's 159th."
That implies that if global warming hits soon enough, I may be able to sell my house for an ungodly sum of money to someone fleeing one of the inundated coastal cities (i.e., someone who wasn't too property rich and everything else poor) who also wants to be close to a frozen custard stand.
There are lots of things you can get in Madison that aren't in NYC. For example, cleaner air, cleaner water, wilderness, the absence of nasty garbage smells, etc. You may be able to go to a movie theater in NYC that shows every Woody Allen movie, but thanks, I'll take Madison any day.

The frozen custard does seal the deal though.
Actually, we have cleaner water. And better mass transit.

(The air question depends on whether you count what is produced here or blame us for the prevailing winds from all those Cinergy plants in OH and western PA. Garbage, Woody Allen movies, and the Italian ices as a poor substitute for frozen custard are all within the realm of reason, though we don't hunt feral cats just because our domestics sh*t in the sheep food, which should count for something.)
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