Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Things Implied By The Infallibility of the Medium Lobster

by Tom Bozzo

At Fafblog!
Taking the fight directly to the idea of terror, the Bush Administration has cleverly opted to abandon talk of Iraq and terrorism in order to let the very concept of terror fade from the public consciousness. Indeed, the President has gone so far as to spend weeks flying across the country filling the airwaves with thousands of hours of meaningless prattle on Social Security privatization, all to distract Americans from terror, driving the very notion of Islamism from the mental landscape, until it becomes impossible to even conceive of terror as an abstract principle.
At first, I thought that without the Global War on Terror to scare people into voting for them, such an effort on the administration's part would be self-deconstructing. Without this anxiety medicine for the masses, three or four percent of the voting public might well decide that they didn't like hand-holding with Saudi royalty (*) and did notice that billionaires were picking their pockets (and didn't like that, either). Could the Medium Lobster possibly be wrong?

Since the Medium Lobster is a higher being with knowledge beyond space and time, the doctrine of infallibility can only imply one thing: the true situation underlying "Bushism #3" from the other day is vastly worse than I could think just sitting here in Madison reading the "MSM." For as fixée as its idées fixes can be, the administration is moderately adept at running away at light speed from its failures that fail so badly as to become potential political liabilities, deflecting the blame to the "overzealous Republican staffer" in its ongoing parody of accountability and responsibility. If they're suppressing evidence of progress in the area where the public has broadly supported them, then things must be well and truly f***ed.


As for Pope Benedict, who only thinks he's infallible in certain circumstances, it surely can't be a good sign that in the wake of a host of stories (example) describing his efforts to either secure the papacy himself, or failing that to amass a coalition behind another individual of his liking, he's claiming to have prayed not to be selected. Perhaps Time was right in listing Bush as a "fellow traveler."

(*) DLC types owe Michael Moore an apology.
DLC types owe Michael Moore and that the vote was as close as it was in 2004.

Otherwise, you would have been talking Carter-in-1980 territory.
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