Thursday, May 05, 2005

This Will Keep Me Out Of Trouble

by Tom Bozzo

This morning, not one but two!! special issues of the Journal of Econometrics landed in my mailbox:

Vol. 125 (2005) no. 1-2: Experimental and non-experimental evaluation of economic policy and models.

Vol. 126 (2005) no. 2: Current developments in productivity and efficiency measurement.

I leave it to the reader to draw the appropriate conclusions from my excitement at the prospect of reading papers entitled "Estimation of a panel data model with parametric temporal variation in individual effects" and "Panel estimators and the identification of firm-specific efficiency levels in parametric, semiparametric and nonparametric settings."
Now you have me wondering if the "bus strike effect" results on prenatal care can be generalised...and which insurance company will be the first to try.
By the way, the NYPL indicates that they received v. 127 two days ago.

This does not exempt you from posting kid pix.
I don't think we (i.e., my firm), as lowly print subscribers, would see vol. 127 until approximately the July issue date, but I'll have to actually go to our journal repository -- on another floor -- to check.

More kid pix soon, promise.
Title to one of the articles: "Does matching overcome LaLonde's critique of nonexperimental estimators?" It's great that I didn't even need to read the abstract to know what the answer to that what was going to be. Propensity-score matching is starting to gain currency in sociology, and I expect to really take off when it has finally passed into full disrepute in econometrics.
NYPL received a print copy as well; would expect yours to arrive in the next few days.

Scary thought from Jeremy; more scary is he's probably not wrong.
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