Friday, May 13, 2005

Wisconsin Blog Post Of The Week (At Least)!

by Tom Bozzo

Via Stacie at the Vast Dairy State Conspiracy, I see that Milwaukee's folkbum gets a nod from professional right-wing ass David Horowitz. Congratulations, Jay! Jay's post, which deserves to be read in full, highlights a few neat tidbits:
I hope he feels the sense of pride I got when I was dissed by the Discovery (sic) Institute a few months ago.

Unfortunately, though, an update in folkbum's dKos diary indicates that the Horowitz fan club seems to be less nice, on balance, than the creationists.


(*) It was always fun in the early days of the blog to see which A-list-ish bloggers, when linked, would inevitably track down the link, determine (I suppose) that insufficient taking-of-name-in-vain was occurring in the microbial regions of the ecosystem, and leave quietly.
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