Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day Garden Update

by Tom Bozzo

What have I been doing this weekend instead of blogging? Why, digging! The last of the plants for our front beds arrived on Friday, and I was keen to get them into the ground so I can just watch the baby plants grow for a while — at least until the ground cover for the side bed shows up.

Want some real blogging? Read actual constitutional law prof Oscar's brilliantly imbalanced three-part series on the O'Connor legacy at The Columnist Manifesto. Also, this post on competition, market power, and the foundations of capitalism at Mark Thoma's Economist's View inspired a few thoughts for the occasional Marginal Utility series on executive compensation, which I hope to post if time permits during some mid-week travel.

If you want to find out more about the garden, read on.

The pre-existing conditions, Spring 2004:

The Plan:

The Plan in action:


The future spread of the viburnums will determine whether we'll need to reinforce the clump of dicentra to fill in the right front bed.

July 4, 2005: there's a house behind there after all.
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