Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wednesday Baby Extra: Thursday Ain't My Kid Smart Edition

by Tom Bozzo

After weeks of listening to "Daddy do it!" while trying to coax John into helping assemble his jigsaw puzzles, yesterday morning John up and did a 24-piece Sesame Street puzzle all by himself. Just goes to show that seemingly futile efforts at parenting do eventually pay off. Here's the proud guy with his completed puzzle.


Now let's go for toilet training.

Since certain readers insist upon equal baby time, here's Julia's first time in the Ergo Baby Carrier, looking perhaps a little crazed but nevertheless cute. Call this the "You mean Mom has a back?" picture...

Looks like she's tightening her own belt! Such talented kids!
Ooo, tell me more about the ergo baby carrier. I was vaguely considering shelling out the big bucks for it. Do you like it? Does Julia like it? Any resulting aches and pains after usage?
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