Sunday, August 07, 2005

I've Heard A Musical Setting of the Argentine Economic Crisis

by Tom Bozzo the second movement, marked "Tango para sonar," of Miguel del Aguila's Salon Buenos Aires, a new work performed in the third installment of our incomparable Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society's summer festival. And it rocked (*), in a manner of speaking.

Salon's three movements consist of themes derived from warped South American dance themes intended to constitute a nostalgic (or quasi-nostalgic) look at a part of the world now vanished in political and economic upheaval. Four thumbs up from author and spouse.

Hopefully, one of the commissioning groups — it was commissioned jointly by BDDS and festivals in Texas and California — will offer a recording; otherwise, perhaps Wisconsin Public Radio will pick it up will pick it up for the Music from Wisconsin series (hint to WPR programmers).

Great To Be In Wisconsin note: season tickets (3 concerts) were $60 and included intermission snacks. Fun and/or cool door prizes are another BDDS staple, though we sadly didn't win anything, let alone the grand prize of U.N. goodies.

(*) The music, not the economic crisis.
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