Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday Baby Extra: These Toes Are Made For Movin'

by Tom Bozzo

...and Julia probes weaknesses in the baby-proofing here at the ranch.


(click for larger images)

Look mom, my climbing behavior is reproducible!

And if that's not enough... she's now into finger-walking, too. My crazed look may be interpreted as "Honey, please put the UW Sports Medicine PT on speed-dial."

For equal time, here's a blast from the past: John at 15 months, climbing the treacherously steep stairs at our old house.
What a cutie!
Thanks, PK, and welcome to this commenting pixie party!
She is adorable!

Our stairs are also ridiculously steep. LG fell down them twice between the ages of 2.75-3.5. And Baby Blue makes a beeline for them within nanoseconds of the baby gate being removed. Ack!
If we were still in the old house, John would probably still be scooting down on his bottom -- he is Cautious Boy. Julia, meanwhile, is already going down as well as up. And, like Baby Blue, she has an uncanny sense of when the nearest gate is open.
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