Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday Baby Extra: Bucky and the Babies at the Block Party

by Tom Bozzo

Our second annual appearance at the block party (which, thanks to our position at the corner in the addressing — if not geographical — centroid of the street, is held right in front of the house) was more exciting than usual, thanks to a special celebrity appearance at the event. Maybe the street's brand new pavement was a draw.

Julia turns out not to be especially shy of six-foot-tall bipedal badgers. Her big brother is wary.

Bucky went way beyond the call of duty trying to break the ice with the boy. Considering that the party weather was summery, if not roasting, I'll give Bucky this: whatevery you are paid, it isn't nearly enough. In the end, he got a smile but not a high-five from John (click the images for enlargements).

Oh, that's too cute. Somewhere I have pictures of my kids with a stuffed Becky Badger. (Why Becky and not Bucky? That's a long story...)
I think I saw one such image in your photostream. You will have to share the Becky Badger story sometime.
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