Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meta Blogging Interlude: The Sidebar

by Tom Bozzo

Trying to take my mind off the news, I reorganized the sidebar a bit. There are a few new links in the economics and "others" section, and I created a new section elevating certain commenters with blogs from the "others" group. Links to the infrequently updated baby blogs have been removed without prejudice. If you think I should have included you in the pixiesphere (including if you are already linked but would rather be in the pixiesphere than wherever I've otherwise classified you), please let me know.
Hey, thanks! Time to update my side-bar, I guess...
TIA if you do, but no obligation.
Pixiesphere. I hadn't heard that before. I feel so March 2005. I don't know what TIA means either.
"Pixiesphere" is derived from "commenting pixie party," Phantom Scribbler's term for her comments section, but pending an ego-deflating search, that coinage seems to be mine.

TIA = "thanks in advance."
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