Saturday, September 17, 2005

Take That, Peak Oil!

by Tom Bozzo

The plans are aaaaall falling into place... Shell out proportionally big bucks for a Not So Big House in a traditional, close-in neighborhood. Check. Get bike tuned up at friendly campus-vicinity bike shop. Check. Actually ride said bike to work — twice in one week! — avoiding about 1/240 millionth of the U.S. daily consumption of petroleum-based fuels each time. Check. Based on some back-of-the-envelope calculations provided in the comments to this post by our favorite right-wing biochemist, this saved around 3.5 kg of CO2 emissions as well.

Every little bit helps, I suppose, though it looks from the price of natural gas like I may need some ethanol when this winter's heating bills arrive.
No, no, Tom! No matter how high the home heating bills go, you don't want to drink ethanol!

I suggest stocking rum for when this winter's heating bills arrive.
I think if we can convince about 120 million people to do the same thing, we can make a dent. Then again, I read that we may be past the point of no return on global warming. So, you might as well light up while you still can.

Also, on a corny note, we used to say when we were kids to my mom, "you're my favorite mom," and she'd say, "but, I'm your only mom" and we'd say "but you're still my favorite." I feel like right-wing biochemist might describe roughly one person in America, but hey, I'm still your favorite!

And ethanol is what you want to drink (I have some 200 proof stuff in the lab). Definitely avoid rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) to drown your sorrows - remember Kitty Dukakis!
Bryan, That bit about being past the point of no return is scary. I think we might be dancing on that line, but now isn't the time to "smoke 'em if u got 'em."

I applaud you Tom.

I am renting an apt that is 5 minutes (walking) from my office in Lemont, Il. I'm on the Metra line to Chicago (when I start grad school next year). I can walk to the grocery store and to the gym (ironic?).
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