Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday Baby Extra: A Boy And His Castle

by Tom Bozzo

Here's our proud guy with a "castle" he up and built from blocks he'd hitherto been mostly interested in loading into a Tonka dump truck and dumping out.


Alas, the castle's defenses were no match for the Giant Crawling Baby Monster! Seen here devouring some of the raspberries John and I picked in the 90-degree "fall festival" heat out at Eplegaarden over the weekend!! Run!!!


(Note, this is nothing compared to the scene yesterday after she ate some cranberry relish Suzanne made, which looked like an infant recreation of the denouement of "Carrie.")
I remember those days...
Me too (remembering...)!
Yesterday, I hauled into storage the first set of wooden blocks my daughters played with. We lived in the decade that still believed in lotsa "naturals" and so the blocks were completely without color. They belong to the set of toys that even I am unwilling to throw into the dumpster (as opposed to the Barbies...).

And the raspberries! Eventually we grew our own, but picking them in the backyard proved not as fun as going out to the farms and working your way through the rows with a bucket hanging from your neck.

Tom, your blog is going to be like moving slowly through those years again for me. Thanks!
Two impossibly adorable pictures!
Mark: We can barely remember when Julia was little, but I suppose it will come back to us later :)...

PS: Thanks!

Nina: I imagine that eventually you'll have grandchildren and be rewarded for saving those toys, much as my mother has.

I miss the raspberry patch at the old house, but the picking was a blast.

Since Julia seems to be about to make the leap into toddlerhood any day now, this may be moving more quickly for a while, but I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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