Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cronyism Redux

by Tom Bozzo

Over at Dartblog, Joe Malchow tries to rehabilitate yesterday's John Tierney whopper, with critiques of my logic and DeLong's, but he basically repeats Tierney's fatal error. The suggestion that it's hypocritical to criticize Republican cronyism from quasi-monolithic liberal academia is false because nobody worth taking seriously (yes, that means David Horowitz) believes that cronyism determines academic appointments. My point is not that I know that there are Republican lawprofs in Madison, but rather that all the lawprofs — Tonya's snark aside (*) — are adequately credentialed.

If it's invalid per se to criticize one's opponents from within a "monolithic" group, we might as well disband the political parties immediately.

As for the suggestion that working for a publication like The Weekly Standard would keep one out of the MSM, I just say bollocks.

(*) If you must know, all of y'all's elite schools suck ;-).

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