Monday, October 10, 2005

Dialogues of the Toddlers: Gender And Thomas (And Friends), The Three-Year-Old View

by Tom Bozzo

John: I'm Gordon.
Daddy: You're Gordon? OK, who is Julia?
J.: She's Thomas.
D.: Who's Mommy?
J.: Percy!
D.: Who am I?
J.: Umm... Edward.
[Ed. note: Last time this game was played, Daddy was Annie.]
J.: [Ms. Z, nursery school classmate] is Emily.
I kept trying to decipher whether behind it all was some form of early political indoctrination, I mean, education, but gave up that idea once I saw that you had once been Annie.

So do you talk politics with John?
He's probably heard an unflattering comment or two about George W. Bush, and he's also worn a Tammy Baldwin for Congress sticker around the Farmer's Market (mainly for its stickerness), but I think he's getting most of his politics subliminally.

I'd be more scared about that if he watched more TV than he actually does -- all we have to do for now is keep on top of the messages in Sesame Street and Thomas.
Better show him Michael Apted's 7-, 28-, and 35-Up soon, so he realises the consequences of the Thomas world.
I call Toby for next game!
Tina: I'll try to impress upon John that you want to be a very useful steam tram.
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