Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here We Go Again

by Tom Bozzo

George W. Bush reportedly will announce his new Supreme Court pick tomorrow, after hour of tireless deliberation with Harriet Miers over at Camp David. With Miers probably feeling blue, and Official "Turd Blossom" A not yet having officially beaten the rap, what sort of quality of choice do you suppose we'll get for the panicked save-the-bacon ASAP pick?

If nothing else, it should ensure we'll have a plenty scaaaarry Halloween!

Update: It's the wingnuttiest wingnut, hooray! I really was hoping for Parker Posey.
I wish I could stop being terrified long enough to appreciate the gallows humor in this.
Yeah, it seemed a lot funnier when I wrote it last night.

This makes me really wish that I had ordered Schelling's The Strategy of Conflict, since I'm both surprised and not surprised by the decision to go nucular (sic). They're obviously counting on a few GOP swing votes making the "right" choice between certain death and near-certain death.

I'm guardedly optimistic that the Dems will choose to fight this, as they could win, and if they do, the win would be huge. But in the worst case scenario, I really don't want to have to count on Justice Kennedy moderating in his old age.
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