Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Madison Recall Update

by Tom Bozzo

The Cap Times reports that a Madison offshoot of CRG will commence its effort to collect the needed signatures for its petition to recall Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on Friday, though the Mendota Beacon reported that the paperwork to form the recall committee had been filed on October 10.

Since the organizer of the drive seeks to enlist the aid of bar owners in obtaining valid signatures, in the event the effort gets what may appear to be a sufficient number of takers, I suggest the authorities carefully review the sheets for names like I. P. Freeley, Amanda Hugginkiss, and Bea O'Problem. Also, there is an Evergreen Road in Middleton but no Evergreen Terrace in Madison.

Marginal Utility recommends that its Madison readers politely decline to sign the recall petition under any name.
I don't think Mayor Dave should be recalled necessarily, but I'm going to sign for sure.

Democracy in action, baby!
It's still a free country -- at least until Harriet Miers is confirmed.
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