Monday, October 17, 2005

Lunchtime Notes: Oppo Research

by Tom Bozzo

The Site Meter reported this fascinating source of a page view this morning:
file:///D:/Gard 2006/Opposition/wall_al_gore.htm
The genesis of that is apparently a mention that Jamie Wall (Wall's campaign web site is here, though it was running slow this morning), among the contenders for the open eighth Congressional district seat, had interned in Al Gore's domestic policy shop. Imagine that, a young Democrat interning for the centrist Democratic vice president. Since I didn't actually mention Gore by name in the post, I'm glad to see that someone read it closely enough to catch my drift, be they paleoconservative or otherwise.

Anyway, the Gard campaign must have copied the post to a local drive, including the blog's administrative code. It would be cool to get a full directory listing -- they use IE 6 on Windows XP, so how hard could it be?

I'd think that level of opposition research would be risky for a guy who, when not busy building bridges to the 14th century, was co-chairman of the losing state Cheney-Bush campaign; a carpetbagger who opposes Madison elites so tirelessly he's been here for twenty years and sends his kids to Sun Prairie schools; a bagman for special interests in the style of Tom DeLay; a guy who variously looks like he's just tasted something bad or has a hard time controlling an impulse to sneer.

It should make for a fun campaign season. Hard to believe it's just fall 2005...
For somebody who is not obsessed with Site Meter, you seem to be obsessed with Site Meter.
You see, I keep my Site Meter turned off most of the time as a means of battling Site Meter obsession.

In any event, it's an interesting peek into someone else's computer, especially since if your esteem for Mayor Dave is some amount of matter, then mine for Gard is an equal amount of antimatter.
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