Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm Off My Car Nut Game

by Tom Bozzo

There are worse games to be off, of course. (*)

But back on-topic, I had been looking out the office window when I saw a new BMW M5 run through the drive-through of the fast food restaurant next door, which uncharacteristically surprised me. The styling revisions are on the mild side, but they do about as much as can be expected for the E60's outré surfaces.

I was going to title the post something like "It's Great To Be A Plutocrat (at least until your back's against the wall)," but it turns out to be a bit cheaper than I thought — by ten grand or so. That doesn't make the thing affordable, though I could plead to Suzanne that I'd never need another car again, thereby spreading the capital cost over as long of a time horizon as Madison road salt would allow.

Then I saw the fuel economy figures. The EPA figures are listed as TBD, but the EU urban loop is a good approximation of my everyday driving (at least, the EU's methodology predicts my car's actual mileage pretty well), and it's 22.7 liters per 100 km, or roughly 10.4 MPG. I could not, in good conscience, hasten the depletion of the world's oil supplies to that extent.


(*) This leads to the political question of the day/week/month/year/century: When will George Bush lose the far right, as well as some self-described national security moderates who just happen to keep a wingnut or two in the nightstand or maybe under the pillow for special occasions, for proving that the masses' agentic consumerism won't stop sixty-two million people from electing a total nincompoop president of the United States
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