Saturday, December 17, 2005

Suggested Wanker of the Day

by Tom Bozzo

So many choices, what with Bush yanking the crown clean out of the Pope's hands and all. But the timing dictates a nod to...

Rudy "Three Cheers for Fascism" Giuliani. (Nickname swiped from Atrios.)

Short subtext of the op-ed: "If we don't volunarily cede our civil liberties, the Bush administration will just arrogate the authority to take them from us anyway."

Observation #1: Inserting "potential" between "grave" and "threat" has the effect of vastly understating the gravity of the implied threat.

Observation #2: Depending on just how well your potential opponents' campaign strategists channel the ghosts of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, good luck getting past the South Carolina primary, philandering New Yorker with gay pals and Vagina Monologuist ex-wife.
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