Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blogging At Blogger Dinner

by Tom Bozzo

I'm hosting a blogger dinner for the first time in ages (not counting occasions when we've fed Nina), and having successfully dropped the security cordon on our wireless network, there's actually some computing going on. Some of it might even be blogging other than this! Though an animated discussion of the possible merits of the Altmouse blog may have derailed the other blogging.

In attendance: Nina, Oscar Madison and B, Tonya, Suzanne and me.

Nina is cross because in yesterday's meme of four/meme of seven post, I selected blogs at random instead of sending linky-memey love to my oldest blog pals. My oldest blog pals are, of course, present company plus Jeremy. Those are four very special blogs. Particularly Ocean. (*)

Pictures of the food may appear elsewhere. I was too busy cooking to take them.

(*) Will this get me into trouble with Tonya? Time will tell.
Thanks so much for the scrumptious dinner and the lovely company.

In my view, the Altmouse spoof shows that Ann is a force to be reckoned with in the blog world. It's hard to imagine a higher form of blog flattery than someone going to the trouble to create a humorous imitation of another person's blog.
Forgot to mention that I am not the least bit mad at you.

And, by the way, I love the phrase linky-memey love. It's awfully cute!
Nina defense: not mad not even irked nor miffed at any blogger anywhere.
I'm glad you're not mad. That woulda been a bummer.
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