Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Call For Whines

by Tom Bozzo

A while back, I'd volunteered at Phantom Scribbler's place to host the second Whining Carnival, shooting for a release sometime this week. The actual schedule will depend on obtaining a critical mass of whines, and let's just say that I don't have it yet. Don't make me whine until you submit something.

Leave a comment here, tag your post with "whining" at or technorati, or e-mail me a link at atbozzo-at-gmail-dot-com (also not a bad idea if you take the tag route, since the "whining" tag appears to be in broader circulation than the Scribblersphere).

Through the magic of post time manipulation, I'm going to make this stick on top of the blog for a few days.
Argentinian reds are undervalued.

Meanwhile, appropo the discussion a while ago, Tyler Cowen (via Brad de Long)discusses--without necessarily realising he does so--why the biggest farm problem is not predators, but wild cats.

That he follows it with a post on farm security and productivity is, perhaps, coincident.
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