Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday Morning Housekeeping

by Tom Bozzo

In honor of International De-Lurking Week, I've added some more links to the sidebar:

Corndoggerel, which was on hiatus at the last round of additions or it would already have been linked, which is a central node of what I'd otherwise call the Scribblersphere. Visit for the '70s music reviews, stay for Captain Entropy and Dread Pirate Toddler. Or is it the other way around?

Mixter's Mix, back from hiatus, is back in the Locals section.

Playing School, Irreverently. The tenure-track adventures of Profgrrrrl, perennial winner of the Wednesday Whining "Most Stylish Whine" award.

Are you lurking? If so, leave a comment, say hey, tell me what (else) you're reading, eating, or building. Otherwise...

(Graphic courtesy of Paper Napkin.)


Last, a technical note for readers of Marginal Utility via Bloglines, where I've accumulated a multiplicity of feeds for no reason of my direct action. A couple of them seem to suffer from technical difficulties such that recent activity doesn't show up in a timely fashion. Subscribing to this feed (if you are not already doing so, which most of you aren't) may improve your experience until I have time to play around with Julie's Feedburner tips.
I'm not a lurker, but I do love to be first. Hi Tom!
Hi! And thanks for the link :)
I'm a lurker (you're a lurker, we're a lurker, wouldn't you like to be a lurker too?) (sorry).

Found you through Phantom.

Not only a lurker, but a grateful link recipient. Thanks.
PS: Thanks for breaking the ice!

Profgrrrrl, Genevieve, and Corndog: Welcome! Always great to meet new bloggy friends.
Yes. What profgrrl said. And corndog.
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