Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Whining and Anti-Whining

by Tom Bozzo

As Phantom Scribbler announced in today's Wednesday Whining post (go there for the friendliest catharsis in the blogiverse), I'll be hosting the second round of the Whining Carnival two weeks from now, more-or-less. If you have a post to contribute, tag your post with "whining" using Technorati or, leave a comment here, or e-mail me a link at the address in the sidebar.


I can only offer an anti-whine today, which barring a large inheritance from a long-lost relative will probably be my anti-whine of the year.

Last night's mail included a UPS next-day air box with a return address from Toyota Motor Sales. Something related to my recent car purchase. I figured it was a missing section of the owner's manual, or some thrilling video intended to teach me how to use the tire pressure monitor. I zipped the box open and started to dump out the contents...

First out was the cable that allows my iPod to be plugged into the car's auxiliary audio input. "Cool," I thought. "Trip to Best Buy averted!"

But that was not all. Behind it was a remarkably small black box: The container for an iPod Nano, 2 gigabyte, black.

The cover letter from the VP of the Lexus Customer Service Group explained that this was in consideration of a delay in delivery of the car due to a recall service that needed to be performed on it (the carpet could potentially interfere with the gas pedal, causing it to stick).

Now that's what I call customer service. It made me forget that a bird had pooped on the car for the first time yesterday.
Duuuuuuuuuude, that is sweet! I need to get me one o' them fancy Lexuseseses.
Wooow. Now you really do need suggestions for new songs!
Drool. I've seen those little Nanos. THey are so fantastic....I can't believe that Lexus just up and sent you one. I'm so jealous!
That is a serious Anti-Whine!
Liz: Thanks, and welcome!

Sara: I can't believe it, either. I hadn't had the obligatory customer satisfaction grilling yet, nor had I expressed any displeasure to the dealer.

APL: That's pretty much what Suzanne said, though I think there was a "f***in'" inserted in an appropriate place.

Tina: It will end up being Suzanne's iPod, but I still have 20-25 GB to go on mine, so tune suggestions are always welcome!
Holy flippin' linoleum! iPods from heaven! Congratulations, Tom and Suzanne!
Another case of the rich getting richer ;-)
Cathy: Just as long as I don't try to buy a house in a major metropolitan area...
How cool. I mean, I'd be thrilled jsut to have a stero to which I could hook up my iPod, let alone getting a free cable and a free Nano. Wow!
Cool story. Stuff like that never happens to me. Life is so unfair. Sniff.
Thanks for hosting the next whining carnival. Are we supposed to pick just our best whine to submit, or submit whatever we think might possibly fit in and let you weed through the options?
PK: I am flexible. If you want to submit multiple posts, that's fine. I'd just request that if you want me to select a choice whine vs. classify multiple whines, please make a note to the effect of your preference when you send along the link(s). I wouldn't otherwise want to take it upon myself to judge others' whines.
Not too shabby. Let me know how the Nano compares to your other iPod. I think its time for me to cave in and get one of the models...leaning Nano.
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