Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cyber Space Warps

by Tom Bozzo

A fun thing about the 'five things' meme is that it shows, with a little help from the link trackers (*), blogs a few links removed from one's taggers and taggees — a space that's extremely difficult to explore otherwise, given the ratio of potentially interesting blogs to time in the day (**). It's even more amusing to see the chain of tags just about loop back on itself.

Without doing the math, this has to be in the category of something that may not be common for any given tag (depending on the insularity of one's blog-social circles, how carefully taggees are chosen for likelihood of doing the meme, etc.), though given the number of blogs and chain letters in circulation, must happen all the time somewhere...


Meanwhile, Altmouse should get a Pierre Menard Award from someone for this complaint about a post, ahem, parodying Altmouse. (See also Ocean.) For the masochists among you, I have two lengthy, serious, and somewhat related posts from a year ago, musing on the organization of the blog hemispheres, here and here.


(*) It's interesting to note that in its rollercoaster ride of relative usefulness, Technorati seems once again to be straining under its load.

(**) Until, of course, our superintelligent software agents let us paraconsciously follow everything we might possibly follow.
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