Thursday, February 23, 2006

Distribution of Wealth Update!

by Tom Bozzo

I just got an e-mail notice that the Federal Reserve is releasing a Bulletin article on the 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances today. The most recent data previously had been from 2001. If you're interested in such things, get it here (444 KB PDF). Commentary to follow, once I've had a chance to read it.

Update: From a quick scan, the headline result is that between 2001 and 2004, median net worth increased 1.5%; mean net worth increased 6.3%, adjusted for measured inflation. Those represent sharp declines from the 1998-2001 and 1995-1998 increases. Among households with holding financial assets, the median real value of the holdings fell from $29,800 to $23,000; the percentage of households with financial assets of any type rose fractionally, from 93.4% to 93.8%. Here's the authors' gloss:
Three key shifts in the 2001–04 period underlie the changes in net worth. First, the strong appreciation of house values and a rise in the rate of homeownership produced a substantial gain in the value of holdings of residential real estate. Second, despite the general recovery of prices in equity markets since 2001, the direct and indirect ownership of stocks declined, as did the typical amount held. Third, the amount of debt relative to total assets increased markedly, and the largest part of that increase was attributable to debt secured by real estate.
The lower real holdings of financial assets are particularly worrisome should housing see a less-than-soft landing. In Madison, where the local economy has been pretty good overall, a lot of people selling upscale houses (here, concentrated in the $400-$600,000 range) have seen 10% or more knocked off what they thought their gross real estate wealth to be on paper; many more would see it if they tried to add to the inventory of listings.

Also, the low official savings rate, which gets pooh-poohed in some corners, does seem to have translated into the more tangible weak results for holdings of relatively liquid financial assets.

Mark Thoma has some key graphs and an excerpt of the Wall Street Journal's story at Economist's View. A couple previous posts of mine based on 2001 SCF data are here and here.

Another Update: I assembled two graphs showing the evolution of the wealth distribution here.
An interesting FED study and a very interesting post on it (as you have figured out already, we at the Angrybear have been advised by Mark Thoma to follow your blog more closely).
Thanks, PGL. And thanks to Mark for the vote of confidence.
I wonder if there is some way of normalizing the stock market component of net worth which was high in the 2 preceding periods, and normalizing the real estate component of net worth in the latest period --which may look high if that correction does come.
I think I'd rather look at the distribution of wealth than this 'net worth' picture that purports to tell us something about how our nesteggs generally are doing.
The median or mean obscures a key trend in the concentration of wealth.
Could be that we have not done as well as the previous 2 periods, but we hikers want to see the topographical map: the one that shows how the ranks have swollen on the downside and thinned on the upside. More or less according to calmo.
Anon: You could do some 'what ifs' like that with the means pretty easily. That's implicit in the article's qualitative decomposition of the wealth change into a decline in stocks and an increase in real estate assets.

There is some distribution data in the article (some of which is graphed in the post linked in the update), though there's so much inequality in the top percentiles, it's hard for it to show the whole inequality picture. The sample gets thin in the top percentile, too.
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