Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Space Blogging: The Little Spaceprobe That Could

by Tom Bozzo

Call me crazy, but I find the Where Is New Horizons? page highly addictive. Now there's less than 4.7 billion km to go!

Fun fact from the 2/9 PI's Perspective: At ~30 million km from Earth, they're able to download data at 104kbps, which is much better than the sub-dialup speeds planned. The plan for Pluto is 0.7-1kbps, so they're hoping they'll do much better out there, too. Either way, that's better over billions of km of space than my first modem could manage back in the early eighties.
LG agrees with you. He just announced that we should check back every day to see how far it's gone.
A boy after my own heart, that LG. Fortunately, the transit times to Mars and Jupiter are (relatively) quick.
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