Tuesday, March 21, 2006

(From Kansas City, MO) George Stephanopoulos: Lickspittle

by Tom Bozzo

Something I do much more when on the road than at home is watch the morning network "news" programs. On "Good Morning America," a story unironically presented unsourced claims from White House staff that George W. Bush is engaged and on his game fielding questions inside the West Wing, and so is turning a new leaf in engaging with questions from the "public" at his notoriously access-controlled experiences.

Reinforcing the party line with a performance that was alarmingly evocative of Tom Tomorrow's conservative vox pop guys was good old George, saying 'you bet it's different from those fake town halls.' I had to remind myself that he was an ex-Clinton hand, though those of you with good memories might recall that he'd purchased a building in the block of Connecticut Ave. just NW of Dupont Circle in the early nineties with a loan made on terms that might not have been available to the general public.

I suppose Alexandra Wentworth is asking Schmoopy for a big house on the Potomac.

Local jargon watch. Suppose you need to regularly distinguish between the Kansas Cities. What might you call the lesser partner? Try "Kan-Kan."
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