Monday, March 13, 2006

Program Note

by Tom Bozzo

I am at 11th and L Sts. NW in Washington, D.C., sipping data through a 26.4 kbps straw mere blocks from the center of U.S. government power. Why exactly are we a second-rate power from the standpoint of internet access?

It's been amusing to observe the explosion of construction in this neck of D.C. I'd guess it's mainly sprawl from the D.C. office boom. Lobbying firms don't just house themselves, after all.

There's a crane up next door to the Cato Institute's Borg Cube of a headquarters for a luxury condominium (TenTenMass) in the early stages of construction, which is kind of funny as this stretch of Massachusetts Ave. was not where one would necessarily want to have been out walking as recently as my grad school days, at least if you didn't want to be in the position of explaining yourself to the Metropolitan Police.

I also couldn't help notice that there were — considering the very warm day here — fewer homeless people than usual in Samuel Gompers Park (across Mass. Ave. from Cato), perhaps making the Catonians think the libertarian paradise is arrived. But it probably was just normal variation.

Work and data access limitations will likely prevent substantive posting until tomorrow evening (3/14) at the earliest. That may change if I find an open wireless network, but don't count on it.
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