Thursday, March 02, 2006

Have They No Decency?

by Tom Bozzo

Apparently not.

George W. Bush: Liar.

Samuel Alito: Wingnut.


That is all.
I don't see much wrong with Alito's action. After the Roberts confirmation and all the talk about an obligation to replace O'Connor with another "moderate" justice, it was clear that Alito wasn't going to get a fair shake without some pressure from the public. The anti-Alito machine was rolling a lot earlier and louder and Focus on the Family was one of the groups that said, "Hey, cool it. This is getting hysterical."
It's more dog bites man. The thing is, if Alito was a non-ideological mainstream conservative, as Some have claimed as part of the process of getting the likes of Snowe and Collins to support him, as well as to peel off a couple conservative Democrats, he shouldn't have that much interest in expressing solidarity of any sort with Dobson or FoF.

And, I think C&L has it exactly right that FoF would be howling over a Democratic appointee writing a similar letter to NOW or NARAL.
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