Friday, March 24, 2006

Quick Observations

by Tom Bozzo

I'm headed to bed (and yes, the time stamp on the post reflects more-or-less real Central Standard Time), but before I collapse:

1. Washington Metro trains are luxury liners compared to the CTA's. However, the CTA's price is right from O'Hare to downtown; probably more so than the future Dulles Corridor Metrorail expansion.

2. While "coach," applied to a vehicle one might otherwise call a "bus," is intended to connote greater luxury than "bus," it actually does a decent job of reminding one of the actual comfort level of pre-motorized coaches.

3. Notwithstanding #2, it's better to fold one's self into a sub-coach class seat in a motor "coach" than to try to drive 2-1/2 hours from Chicago to Madison after pulling a crazy work all-nighter.

4. I don't understand how workers of routine 60+ hour/week schedules do it without going insane. My prior, in fact, is that such workers are, or have gone, insane.
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