Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Underappreciated Band of the Week

by Tom Bozzo

The Church.

Disc 3 of the highly recommended Children of Nuggets box set leads off with their second (*) single, "The Unguarded Moment," released in Australia shortly before my 13th birthday way back in 1981. It's synth-free but actually strikes me as something more of a piece with some early eighties English new wave. I was not exactly listening to that sort of stuff at the time, alas.

By the time I was, they were not quite tough enough for my tastes. That didn't stop me from picking up a couple of 45s from their highly polished mid-to-late eighties work, but the bulk of my Australian rock collection in Radio Birdman descendents and influencees.

I'll have to remedy the earlier error and try to find copies of The Church and Heyday (check out those paisley shirts).

(*) The official discography differs a bit from some fan sites.
Ah, The Church. I remember them. Very good band!
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